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Adventure Activities near Perth

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If you’ve been searching for somewhere that’s simply perfect for the younger generation to expand their horizons and have the time of their lives, you’ve finally found the perfect answer. Aside from being a whole lot of fun, the range of outdoor activities at Fairbridge will help you realise you can do far more than you ever believed…

Our adventure activities help participants build self-confidence and teach them how to part of a team. The influence of Fairbridge’s natural environment, the opportunity to escape the pressures of urban life and the sense of achievement that occurs, all help to increase participants’ abilities to deal with the world around them.

Be sure to take advantage of this excellent way to help them open up. They’ll discover that they’re so much more than they ever thought they were, instilling confidence that may have been lacking.

We have a wide range of activities to ensure a fun adventure for everyone

The long list of fantastic and fun recreation that we have available means that no matter what, they’ll be able to find something they’d love to get involved with. Just some of these activities include:

Rock climbing – with experienced instructors, participants will find themselves scaling either a 7 metre or 15 metre wall.  .

Mini golf – always a favourite, our 9-hole course is great for bringing out a healthy competitive spirit. You will also learn about the local endangered animals whilst completing this activity.

Abseiling off-site – what goes up must come down!  Participants will make their way down a 12 metre natural rock face or opt for a day adventure which takes you to Churchman Brook (40 minutes away by bus). Here, the drop is a whopping 30 metres, and you will also perform some natural rock-climbing to top it off.

Disability activities – our coordinators will help you devise a plan to accommodate disabled participants, including those in wheelchairs.

To download our current price list and available activities, please see below:

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For further information about these adventure activities, or if you’re looking for other youth services, speak to us on (08) 9531 1177. You can also send us an online enquiry if you’d prefer.