Fairbridge Community Nursery

Fairbridge Community Nursery

Fairbridge now has an accredited nursery to help with your revegetation needs. Providing specialist propagation services for the Peel-Harvey Region. The nursery is managed by accredited staff with over 50 years’ experience and has a Certified Nursery Professional (Specialist) on site.

The nursery provides a training facility for the regions young people whilst undertaking Certificate courses in Conservation and Construction.   Conservation students learn propagation of plants and what skills are needed to produce and maintain seedlings for sale and use around Fairbridge Village. Construction students use the expansion and improvement of the nursery to learn skills in concreting, building walls and structures within the nursery.

All funds generated go back into the training of youth within the region through Fairbridge’s training programs.

We currently have contracts with the Department of Parks and Wildlife growing several species including Black butt and various wattles from seed collected within their reserves.

What can we provide for you?

  • Small propagation runs from your seed or cutting material
  • Hands on experience for school students or unemployed
  • Potted colour and vegetable seedlings for your school fund raising. You only pay for what you sell

Why not contact us to discuss your needs on:

Email: tco@fairbridge.asn.au

Telephone: John Robertson 9531 1177 or mobile 0418 953 674