Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Fairbridge creates space and opportunities for young people to grow – within themselves, within society and with the earth to bring about positive sustainable change in their lives, their families and the community.


Our mission is to support and facilitate opportunities for young people to:

  • Believe in the exhilaration of life;
  • Take responsibility for their future;
  • Live harmoniously with the environment; and
  • Appreciate their Heritage.

We are a forward looking organisation actively engaged in structuring the future of young people and the environment through a culture of creativity, innovation, resourcefulness and efficiency.

We will:

  • Develop an atmosphere for young people that encourages self-discovery;
  • Be a leading example in sustainable development;
  • Protect the ambience and conserve and enhance the physical and cultural heritage of Fairbridge Village;
  • Encourage the demonstration and use of environmentally friendly technologies; and
  • Promote the regional context of Fairbridge.