Who We Are

Fairbridge Western Australia – About Us

Fairbridge is a major youth charity in Western Australia, focusing on disadvantaged and youth at risk.  Our primary goal is to provide educational and learning opportunities to a range of students and young people to re-engage them in learning for the achievement of employment outcomes whilst engaging them with their local communities.

Looking back to Fairbridge House


Fairbridge work to the philosophy of its founder, Kingsley Fairbridge, who  saw a dream in creating a nurturing and positive environment for young people to grow, establishing the historical nationally -listed town site Fairbridge Village in 1912.  Fairbridge helps and empowers young people reach their full potential and bring about long term positive sustainable change in both their lives and their families.  Fairbridge use a holistic approach to working with young people and their families, with services provided ranging from an independent school, registered training organisation, traineeships and mentoring including life skills.


To support our work with young people, Fairbridge provide accommodation, catering and venue hire to schools and community groups through tailored adventure camps.



Facilities and Services include:

  • Independent School
  • Accredited training courses
  • Heritage listed cottage accommodation for up to 350
  • Adventure camps and team-building activities
  • Coordinated catered weddings and special occasions
  • Corporate conferences, functions and events
  • Historical tours and day trips
  • Regional events and festivals