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Fairbridge Western Australia Inc, is a major youth charity focusing on the development of disadvantaged and youth at risk.  Our primary goal is the development of youth to achieve educational and training outcomes.  Leading to lifelong learning and achievement of long term employment opportunities or engagement with local communities.

Fairbridge work to the philosophy of its founder, Kingsley Fairbridge, who saw a dream in creating a nurturing and positive environment for young people to grow, by establishing the historical nationally-listed town site Fairbridge Village in 1912.

Fairbridge helps and empowers young people reach their full potential and bring about long term positive sustainable change in both their lives and their families.  Fairbridge use a holistic approach to working with young people and their families, with services provided ranging from an independent school, registered training organisation, traineeships and mentoring including life skills.

To support our work with young people, Fairbridge provide camp experiences including accommodation, catering and activities to schools and community groups through tailored adventure camps.  Camp experiences develop social skills, including building confidence and provide opportunities for team building.

Fairbridge operate Fairbridge College, a Curriculum Re-engagement (CARE) School, from its unique historical village in Pinjarra and its Short Street campus in Kalgoorlie.  Its programs utilises evidence based best practice to improve social, mental health and academic outcomes.  Programs are designed to improve attendance and engagement through the delivery of a student centred flexible learning program.  Students work with the same educational staff offering small classrooms, modified timetables, psychological support services.  The village environment supports space and opportunities for students to learn from qualified and industry experienced teachers and trainers, whilst re-engaging with the school curriculum.  Options include outreach programs to improve mental health outcomes.

Fairbridge’s aim is to foster opportunities for the development of youth in the local area by providing alternative pathways and traineeships through its partnerships with local employer, Alcoa of Australia, providing sponsorship in Construction and Painting as well as through its training coffee shop, Eden Vale Tea Rooms, Heritage Precinct, Pinjarra.

Fairbridge are committed to providing camp experiences at an affordable price including, accommodation, catering and activities to schools and community groups.  Sites for groups include:


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