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Fairbridge Western Australia Inc, a charitable organisation focusing on the development of local youth to achieve educational and training outcomes, leading to long term employment opportunities.

Fairbridge operate Fairbridge College, a Curriculum Re-engagement (CARE) School, from its unique historical village.  This amazing environment offers live working opportunities for students to learn from qualified and industry experienced teachers and trainers, whilst re-engaging with the school curriculum.

Fairbridge’s aim is to foster opportunities for youth in the local area by providing alternative pathways and traineeships through its partnerships with local employers, specifically Alcoa of Australia.

Fairbridge, have offered accommodation, catering and activities to schools and community groups for over 30 years are now delighted to be able to offer learning opportunities through the management of 6 camps, formerly operated by the Department of Education.  Fairbridge will continue to offer groups access to camp experiences at an affordable price.  Sites for groups include:


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