Dampier Camp


At the gateway to the 42 Islands of the Dampier Archipelago in the North West of WA. Blessed with beautiful beaches and warm, sunny weather, this outback coastal town is a mecca for outdoor water activities. Swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, diving, snorkeling and wind surfing can be enjoyed here all year round.

Just 20km from Karratha, this pretty port town overlooking Hampton Harbour and the Dampier Archipelago was named after the English buccaneer William Dampier – the first recorded European visitor to the area. It was established as a large tonnage shipping port in the 1960s by the mining company Hamersley Iron as the export location for iron ore mined from Tom Price and Paraburdoo.

Water Activities

  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Coastal kayaking.
  • Sam’s Island Tour and Adventure Day,
  • Sea Trek sailing expedition
  • Raft building in the sheltered, or ‘open-waters’ of the Dampier Archipelago
  • Other Programs
    • Team games and problem solving activities
    • Archery
    • Leadership Activities.
    • Staff Development Days.
    • Archaeological, Historical and Anthropological tours of the Burrup.

    These programs are ideal for beginners and can lead to a great deal of fun and skill development.

Sea TrekPicture7

A sailing expedition run over 3 or 5 days around the Dampier Archepelago. The group considers options, navigates and sets up camp on one of the 42 islands having the opportunity to experience the reward and consequences of their decisions.

Packing, carrying, preparing and being responsible for everything you need to thrive in the environment draws on attributes many do not know they have.  Checklists, refined over 20 years of trek experience are modified during and after each trek. We learn from every experience.

The group considers options, navigates and sets up camps throughout the 42 islands in the Archipelago having the opportunity to experience the reward and consequences of their decisions.

Students receive extensive training prior to treks, however, the real learning often happens on the trek itself and in the aftermath.

Primary Sea-Trek – three days on a charter boat in the Archipelago. Students camp in tents, manage ration packs and prepare food and see and experience what most only dream about.

Archeological Dig

What better location for an Archeological Dig than the foreshore in front of the Pilbara Camp? While it might be well and truly summer weather, the foreshore provides a spectacular, cool setting for all sorts of activities with a bonus of a swim, great food and service at the camp school site within walking distance of the dig.

In addition to being a magnificent location, the Dampier Camp site played a big part in the early construction of the town of Dampier. Our buildings are what is left of “Con Camp II” the last remaining construction site with demountables from the earliest days of the town’s history.

Dampier Camp Site

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Dampier is available to school and community groups.

2022 RATES (includes GST)
Rates include overnight accommodation plus continental breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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