Fairbridge College

Fairbridge College

Fairbridge College is an independent school that specializes in working with adolescents in years 7-12 who have difficulty achieving success in mainstream education and are at risk of disengaging with school.   We use trauma-informed practice to help young people achieve their goals and create pathways for their future. Fairbridge College is committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment where everyone is treated with fairness, respect, equality and dignity.

  • WA Curriculum
  • Accredited Training (VET) Courses
  • Flexible Learning Options
  • Project-based and Hands-on Learning
  • Small Class Size & One-on-One support
  • Intensive Pastoral Care

Fairbridge has a range of traditional and non-traditional, natural and contrived physical activity environments that offers experiential learning, in a context that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate.

Complimented by a comprehensive life skills development program students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support them to be resilient, to develop a strong sense of self, to build and maintain satisfying relationships, to make health-enhancing decisions in relation to their health and physical activity participation, and to develop health literacy competencies in order to enhance their own and others‘ health and well-being.

As students mature, learning how to address issues such as personal transitions, safety, healthy eating, substance use, and mental and sexual health are critical to maintaining and promoting the health of young Australians.

To learn more visit Fairbridge College, or contact us (08) 9531 7932.