Point Peron Camp

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Point Peron Camp

Point Peron Camp is situated in the spectacular Shoalwater Marine Park and boasts direct beach access to a beautiful and unique marine setting. It offers exciting programs which motivate children of all ages and help to develop their self-esteem, teamwork and co-operative skills.

Point Peron Camp can accommodate 168 students with a configuration of four 32 bed dormitories and two 20 bed dormitories. There are two supervisor rooms in each of the large dormitories and two double rooms in the smaller dormitories.

Fairbridge staff will support you to achieve your specific objectives through the design of programs for the students/participants for the camp and/or particular values on which you may want to concentrate.

Activities and programs are designed to link to the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (SCSA) Western Australian Curriculum. 

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Point Peron Camp | Point Peron Road, Rockingham |

Email: camps@fairbridge.asn.au | Tel. 1800 440 770