Education and Training

Education & Training at Fairbridge

Education and training at Fairbridge aims to improve employment pathways for young people in the local area.    Fairbridge is an organistion that focuses on the development of local youth to achieve educational and training outcomes, leading to long term employment opportunities.  In order to achieve its goal, Fairbridge operates both a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) as well as, Fairbridge College, multi-campus secondary school for Youth-at-Risk.  Both of these educational contexts aim to provide young people with the pathways and skills they need to be successful in the future.

 Alcoa Partnership

Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Alcoa of Australia, Fairbridge is able to offer traineeship opportunities to  students. Fairbridge and Alcoa are committed to providing job outcomes to the local community by providing traineeships.

Partnerships with local organisations such as Alcoa are essential to job outcomes for students, and Fairbridge is committed to securing employment pathways for all students following training.



RTO National Provider ID: 50612

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